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The history of Lock Transport

Lock Transport was founded in 1931 by Piet Lock (born 1901). The first truck was a T-Ford with a home-made open top. This truck was used to transport goods for local business owners in Hardinxveld-Giessendam.

During the second World War, al lot of trucks were taken and therefore business was shut down temporarily. When the war ended Lock Transport was entitled to new trucks. The first new truck was a GMC with no cabin, used to collect gas in Eindhoven.

After the war, the sons of Piet Lock also started working at the company and shortly after that another truck was bought, a DAF.

In 1971 Lock Transport owned 15 trucks and moved from Buitendams to the industrial zone De Peulen, where it is still located.

In 2003 Romijn Transport from Sliedrecht was added to the company. In the past they had worked together in good harmony and had a lot of similarities. With the take-over Lock Transport further entered the Offshore and Dredging market. The take-over proved to be successful as all drivers are well connected and collegially.

Since 2004 we are known as Lock Transport BV, still operating from De Peulen however we have a new building and 40 trucks, with this we are all set for the future!

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