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National Transport

Lock Transport has a lot of experience with transportation within the Netherlands. Whether it is a large or smaller load, long term delivery or very urgent, we always try to come up with a solution that will satisfy our customers. By using loading cranes and a large variety of equipment we can successfully meet up to the demands of our clients.

In The Netherlands we mainly transport:

  • Offshore and Dredging equipment
  • Building material
  • Shipbuilding material
  • Machines, engines, generators
  • Relocation of machines/ equipment

International Transport

For many years Lock Transport executes transports throughout Europa and even beyond these borders. We have profiled ourselves as an international transporter with fixed destinations in (mainly) France, Germany, Italy and the Benelux. On a weekly bases we transport complete or partial loads to the correct destination. Due to our knowledge, experience and corporate values we always deliver on time. By using a modern Track and Trace system we are always able to see where our trucks are. Besides the regular transports we also execute special transports to foreign countries.

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Volume Transport

The volume of transport of the worn clothing to be recycled has been an important market for Lock Transport for many years. At many destinations in France, Germany and Italy the worn clothing is loaded and over the years the company has become one of the market leaders in this transport segment.

By using specially built mega’s and volume combi’s, 100 to 120m3 can be loaded respectively. All these means of transport are in possession of a TÜV load securing certificate in order to carry out the volume of transport in a responsible manner.

Transport with loading cranes

A lot of transports are done by trucks with loading cranes. Lock Transport has several loading trucks from 40 to 140 ton/ mtr. By using these cranes we are extremely flexible when it comes to the loading/ unloading possibilities. We mainly use these trucks for transporting units, containers, offshore and/ or building equipment.

All the drivers of the trucks with a loading crane are certified for using this equipment. This means that we can load/ unload the goods ourselves.

Special Transport

Lock Transport can also offer a solution for special transports. Whether the load is to wide, to high, to long or to heavy, due to a large variety in trucks, trailers, low loaders and other specialised equipment we can get the job done!

Not only do we transport the goods, we also arrange al necessary legislations, permits and exemption transports. Our professional drivers will always make sure the transport is safe and done in the proper way.

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